To Contact Ike Leggett or
the Campaign:

Friends of Ike Leggett
PO Box 1372
Rockville, MD. 20849
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (301) 987-4040
Let's Reelect Ike Leggett
Your contributions help fund the resources to spread the word about Ike Leggett's campaign. Please join and help to continue Ike's plan for a better Montgomery County: Sound fiscal management, Excellence in Education, Government Efficiency and Accountability, Economic Development and Job Growth, Safe Streets and Neighborhoods, Affordable Housing , and improved Transportation and Infrastructure.
To Make an Online Contribution
Your can contribute online by using Credit Card. It's fast, easy, and secure way of sending contribution. Make an online donation by clicking Donate button link below.
To Make a Contribution by Check
To send a contribution, make checks payable to
"Friends of Ike Leggett" and mail to:

Ike Leggett
PO Box 1372
Rockville, MD 20849
Important: A person (including an individual, business, or federal committee) can contribute no more than $4,000 to one campaign finance entity and a total of $10,000 to all finance entities during the four-year election cycle. The current four-year election cycle began January 1, 2007 and ends December 31, 2010. Separate limits apply to money transferred between Maryland campaign finance entities. A campaign finance entity can transfer up to $6,000 to another campaign finance entity during the four-year cycle and is not subject to an aggregate limit.
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