Gazette endorses Ike Leggett:
“Ike Leggett earns our endorsement largely through his uncommon mix of collaborative leadership skills ... Leggett’s more deliberative, professorial tone begets an air of credibility and fosters a level of trust that will serve Montgomery well in good or hard times.” » Read more

Barbara Goldberg Goldman, Mark Winston and Cathy Bernard- Former Chairs and Members of Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) urge you to vote for Ike Leggett

IKE LEGGETT for Montgomery County Executive
4401 Dustin Road – Burtonsville, Maryland 20866
September 11, 2006

Dear Montgomery County Voter,

Please vote for Ike Leggett on September 12! (letter sent to The Washington Post)

The affordable housing crisis in Montgomery County, Maryland is not a “new” story. The problem is chronic. Unless it is addressed creatively – and with an effective long range plan and genuine community commitment – it will only worsen.

We have read with interest your recent article entitled “Housing Creates Split in Montgomery Race”. While the article aptly points out that 20,000 applicants have submitted applications for HOC’s Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher programs, it fails to point out that only 500 or fewer additional housing units will be made available for these applicants. What does it illustrate when teachers, fire fighters, police officers, nurses and other hospital workers, bus drivers, and our own young adult children cannot afford to live in the community in which they serve or in which they grew up? In most societies this would be nothing short of an embarrassment. Your article termed this “A Hot Election Issue”. We are concerned about what will happen after the election – when a new County Executive has been elected and the scrutiny of an interested public and press moves on to other “hot” topics and less complicated problems. Indeed, one of the reasons why we are supporting Ike Leggett for County Executive is that, based upon our experience in working with him for many years, we are convinced that Ike will remain committed to addressing this problem in a careful, meaningful and productive fashion. Ike Leggett served on the County Council for 16 years. Our service as members and chairs of the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County overlapped a substantial portion of Mr. Leggett’s service on the Council. We found during our service that Ike was a leader committed to addressing this problem – and we observed first hand how he did so – whether or not it was going to get him short term political gain in the process. Mr. Leggett is the candidate best equipped to address this problem with the creativity and commitment that is required in the years ahead. Please vote for Ike Leggett!


Sid Kramer and Neal Potter
Former Montgomery County Executives