Gazette endorses Ike Leggett:
“Ike Leggett earns our endorsement largely through his uncommon mix of collaborative leadership skills ... Leggett’s more deliberative, professorial tone begets an air of credibility and fosters a level of trust that will serve Montgomery well in good or hard times.” » Read more

The Examiner Newspaper: Ike Leggett for Montgomery County Executive

IKE LEGGETT for Montgomery County Executive
4401 Dustin Road – Burtonsville, Maryland 20866
September 7, 2006

WASHINGTON - It is almost a truism of local politics in 2006 that Montgomery County residents have a tough choice to make between former County Council Chairman Ike Leggett and incumbent at-large Council Member Steve Silverman because the two candidates are so alike philosophically and otherwise. But a look at Leggett’s record, life experience and character exposes the truism for the misnomer it is. He was Montgomery County’s first elected black council member and excelled during his tenure as council chairman in the adoption of reasonable tax and spending ceilings. He was also a steady advocate throughout his 16 years on the council for careful growth in an inner suburban county that retains areas that are more like further-out jurisdictions. And Legget has been a strong and consistent voice on the council for programs aimed at helping the poor, minorities and others in need.Outside the council, Leggett has also served with distinction and wide praise as a law school professor — D.C. mayoral candidates Adrian Fenty and Vincent Orange were among his students — and as Maryland State Democratic Party chairman. He worked as an aide on Capitol Hill and was a White House Fellow.But it is Leggett’s life experiences and the character forged in his response to those experiences that most qualify him for further leadership in Montgomery County. Many residents are familiar with the basic outlines of Leggett’s life — he came from a large family in the South and yet overcame the longest of odds born of prejudice and poverty to achieve a college degree after serving with distinction in the U.S. military in Vietnam, earning a Bronze Star. His subsequent career is filled with professional distinction and achievement.

He has overcome obstacles that would have beaten other men with a steadiness, quiet persistence and hard work. People trust Ike Leggett because they sense in him a fundamental honesty and decency that too often is a rare commodity in government and politics. Montgomery County needs and deserves the best leadership and in this race that clearly is represented by Ike Leggett.