Gazette endorses Ike Leggett:
“Ike Leggett earns our endorsement largely through his uncommon mix of collaborative leadership skills ... Leggett’s more deliberative, professorial tone begets an air of credibility and fosters a level of trust that will serve Montgomery well in good or hard times.” » Read more

"Neighbors for a Better Montgomery" Endorses Ike Leggett for County Executive

IKE LEGGETT for Montgomery County Executive
4401 Dustin Road – Burtonsville, Maryland 20866
August 8, 2006

"Large Campaign Contributions from Developers to Steve Silverman Led to 'Permissive Anything Goes' Atmosphere on Development Decisions," says Neighbors Executive Director Drew Powell.

One of Montgomery County's most respected political action committees, Neighbors for a Better Montgomery, recently endorsed Ike Leggett for County Executive in the upcoming September 12 Democratic Primary Election.

Ike Leggett's pledge to accept less than 25% in developer contributions for the County Executive election, coupled with his advocacy of balancing growth with infrastructure development; his commitment to education and reduced class sizes in Montgomery County; his support of the Agricultural Reserve and Ike's record on environmental issues led the group to issue its endorsement of Leggett for County Executive.

In announcing the endorsement, Executive Director Drew Powell said: "Ike Leggett is a leader, who listens to citizens. Mr. Leggett will bring much needed integrity and transparency to Montgomery County government. Ike's qualifications, experience and honest approach to solving complex problems, make him the best candidate to become Montgomery County's next executive."

Neighbors for a Better Montgomery ( was formed as a Political Action Committee in April of 2002 by citizen- volunteers from all parts of Montgomery County who were dissatisfied with the decline in their quality of life due to the county's policies of uncontrolled growth and sprawl.

In endorsing Ike Leggett for County Executive, "Neighbors for a Better Montgomery" joins a growing list of organizations and individuals who publicly back Leggett for County Executive. The Montgomery Gazette, the county's largest and most influential newspaper said: "Leggett is best qualified to guide a county about to grow beyond 1 million residents and a county still coming to grips with growth, traffic gridlock, profound demographic shifts and a moderating economy.

"Leggett's more deliberative, professorial tone begets an air of credibility and fosters a level of trust that will serve Montgomery well in good or hard times," wrote the editors of the Gazette, a feeling shared by Neighbors for a Better Montgomery

Ike Leggett has also been endorsed by Gazette Newspapers; Montgomery County Chapter of Sierra Club;Municipal and County Government Employees Organization (MCGEO);United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 400;Progressive Maryland Montgomery County Firefighters Association; Montgomery College Democrats;Montgomery County Green Democrats; D.C. Metro Area Carpenters Union and The Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association (MCPSRA).