Gazette endorses Ike Leggett:
“Ike Leggett earns our endorsement largely through his uncommon mix of collaborative leadership skills ... Leggett’s more deliberative, professorial tone begets an air of credibility and fosters a level of trust that will serve Montgomery well in good or hard times.” » Read more

Current & Former Councilmembers, Former County Execs to Step Forward to Support Leggett

Council President Perez: "Leggett represents experience & leadership we can trust"

IKE LEGGETT for Montgomery County Executive
4401 Dustin Road – Burtonsville, Maryland 20866
November 8, 2005

An unusually large number of current and former County Councilmembers – as well as two former County Executives are stepping forward to endorse Ike Leggett’s candidacy for County Executive.

“Those who are most knowledgeable of what it takes to effectively lead this County – and who have worked with Ike and others – are stepping out to say, ‘Yes, this is the best person for the job’,” said Council President Tom Perez.

“Ike Leggett represents exceptional experience and leadership we can trust.

“It says a lot that a broad range of folks who have had honest differences among themselves agree on one thing that’s critical to moving Montgomery County forward – electing Ike Leggett as our next County Executive.”

In addition to Perez, Ike Leggett is endorsed by three other current Councilmembers – Phil Andrews, chair of the Council’s Public Safety Committee; Marilyn Praisner, chair of the Management & Fiscal Policy Committee; Michael Subin, chair of the Education Committee; and as mentioned previously, Council President Tom Perez, who is lead Councilmember on the Environment.

“Besides being one of the most fiscally responsible leaders I know, he is remarkably sensitive in responding to the needs of our diverse community,” said Praisner.

Also joining the Leggett effort are former County Councilmembers Bill Hanna (1986-1998), Bruce Adams (1986-1994), and Blair Ewing (1998-2002).

Former County Executive, Councilmember, and businessman Sid Kramer and former County Executive and Councilmember Neal Potter will also be present to support Leggett.

“I especially appreciate Ike’s ability to build consensus among business and civic leaders who start with differing points of view, a talent a successful County Executive must have,” said Kramer. “He brings people together.”