Gazette endorses Ike Leggett:
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Put people's needs ahead of developers

Montgomery County Gazette
June 29, 2005

Kudos to former County Councilman Isiah "Ike" Leggett for his strong public support of the original design of the Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza, one undiminished by council budget cuts and cost savings.

At the last meeting of the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board, Mr. Leggett recalled the promises County Executive Doug Duncan made to the community that our downtown would have a shimmering public gathering space, incorporating a Great Hall equal in size to its predecessor, a community pavilion and a public skating rink. Mr. Leggett said that this vision was in jeopardy because the county executive, County Council and their budget planners have forgotten the "compact" that was made between our neighbors and the county authorities when they tore down the Silver Spring Armory.

Mr. Leggett, a military veteran, said that the old Armory was an powerful tribute to all Americans who have served in our armed forces, and that a new veterans memorial would be an important symbol of our community's history and values.

He reminded us, as Silver Spring's economic development moves forward, that it's important to place the people's needs ahead of developer's profits and shortsighted government spending cuts.

– Alan S. Bowser, Silver Spring

The writer is co-chairman of the Neighborhoods Committee of the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board.