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The Untold Story behind the History of the Gas Tax

There is significant transportation funding needs that are critical if Montgomery County is to prosper. We must find the funds for transportation projects or the County will continue to choke in traffic.

There are currently insufficient funds at both the State and County level to fund our critical transportation needs. This lack of available dollars was highlighted in a recent op-ed piece by Mr. Robert Smith, a former member of the Metro Transit Board.

The State is primarily responsible for funding transportation projects; therefore we must continue to pressure the State to meet its financial obligations. But to pressure the State without providing options for funding sources would be irresponsible and show a lack of leadership.

Ike Leggett has repeatedly stated that developers must pay for the costs of roads and schools which benefit their developments. His opponent eliminated this requirement for developers.

Ike’s Opponent: Despite his opponent’s recent negative ads focusing on a gas tax increase, Ike’s opponent first advocated raising the gas tax as part of the Go Montgomery Plan in 2001. He then reiterated his strong support for a gas tax increase in 2003, as well as an increase in the registration fees for Montgomery County residents. At neither time, did his opponent indicate that there should be a provision to repeal the increase if gas prices were to rise to our current levels The sales tax would disproportionately affect Montgomery County residents. Therefore, under his opponent’s proposals, the County taxpayers would already be paying higher gas taxes, and would have been for the last two years. In addition, his opponent is now proposing an increase to the sales tax to pay for our transportation needs.

Ike Leggett believes that a reasonable increase in the statewide gas tax, in combination with other sources, would provide significant funds for transportation needs, while not placing a solely disproportionate burden on Montgomery County taxpayers.

Mr. Leggett’s proposals are responsible, supportable and prudent measures if the State is to fund the County’s transit and road needs.